Bookmark This: 500 Survival and Prepping Links You Must Save

Survival and prepping

500 Survival and Prepping Links You Must Save-We live in perilous times, and at any moment our lives can be interrupted with natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and droughts. Even more worrisome are threats of mass violence, riots, and nuclear disaster. If you are anything like myself and are interested in staying prepared for events such as these then you most likely are looking for the necessary resources. Listed below are over 500 survival prepping sites you should bookmark to better prepare for unexpected occurrences.

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Vape-Marketing Is Blackmailing Websites To Purchase Their Products is blackmailing websites…

I love threatening emails, luckily, I get my fair share since I also publish an anti-establishment website

Arriving this morning was a rather humorous blackmail attempt from the website The sender Aleida Cazaly ( warned me that if I don’t purchase an overpriced product from his website he will start spamming my website with backlinks.

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The Real Reason They Want To Ban Cursive


This article was first published at on 09/12/2013.

Cursive writing was once considered an anchor in the elementary school curriculum,  as flowing strokes of letters joined together to make words resemble handwriting.

Over the years, we have seen an alarming trend as schools systems abandon this writing technique, leaving the burden on the parents to continue teaching this writing style if they choose to.

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Bizarre Drops Inspiring, Heart-Felt Video- “Lose Weight”


Anyone that knows me personally knows that I love Bizarre. He comes from a long line of Detroit MC’s (Esham, Danny Brown, ICP and King Gordy) who don’t fit into any particular box. His offbeat personality and earnest intentions make his latest song, titled “Lose Weight,” one of his best.

Bizarre’s latest offering documents his struggle with weight loss and the emotions he’s dealt with along the way. It’s inspiring to see a rapper show their vulnerable side and let their fans know they suffer adversity just like us.

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