WordPress Gutenberg: Worst release since Windows 98?


WordPress, a dominant website building platform that is used by approximate 33% of the web took a massive step backward with the release of Gutenberg. Billed as a new page and post-building experience that makes writing posts effortless has been a complete failure. One reviewer claimed it was the worst release since Windows 98.

Been in IT for over 20 years! Even grew up with a C64 ?

So I can say this has to beat-out MS for the worst software release from a professional organization since Windows 98. Anyone else care to share better examples?

So bad that we dropped providing the 5.0+ release for our customers [first time ever], prohibited any development or testing on WP 5.0, and rolled back to 4.9.9. I would have to say that we will stay on 4.9.9 for a very long time.

Even the WordPress Importer was only good for 4.9.9 and broke on the 5.0 release. Imagine that! LOL! Hmm 5.0 to 5.3 in like days…

Really, the WordPress organization should listen again to their “Hello Dolly”, and fork 5.0 for those that really love the pain of so-call progress.

Just look at some of the reviews below.



WordPress Gutenberg

Thankfully someone stepped in and delivered a plugin that will turn off this nightmare, Diable Gutenberg.


You can download Disable Gutenberg here.

WordPress sensing they had a failure on its hand quickly added an option on the dashboard that lets users revert back to the classic editor. Thank God.

Wordpress Gutenberg

One thing I’ve realized in the finicky world of the web is people don’t like change, whether it’s tweaking the design of a website or switching over to a new editor most people are usually against it at first. And I’m no different, when the Gutenberg update was finally forced on me I despised it, I spent less than 20 minutes learning the new options and quickly deleted it. Why, because most of us in this cut throat world of digital media don’t have the time to invest in new updates as unimportant as Gutenberg, were to busy writing stories updating websites and trying to keep a revenue stream flowing that will keep our business afloat. Maybe one day I will make the switch to Gutenberg but until then I will be enjoying my classic editor that not confusing and isn’t riddled with bugs and stability issues.