Will Venezuelan’s resort to Cannibalism if they can’t find food?

(THOMAS DISHAW)  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But if things don’t change Venezuelans may resort to cannibalism in an effort to survive.

It is no secret that Venezuela is a desperate, starving nation. Children are passing out in classrooms. Newborns are dying from malnutrition and parents are giving away their kids all due to hunger.

The average minimum wage in Venezuela is $13.50 a month in USD, while the average cost for a fast food combo meal is $30.00 in USD. The Military controls the food supply leaving grocery shelves mostly empty, and basic staples are in short supply. Armed troops persuade business owners to give 80% discounts to “stimulate” the economy.

Inflation has skyrocketed to 800% putting basic goods out of reach for most people. The country took another major hit when the oppressive Maduro regime banned its biggest bill, the 100-bolivar, worth only .03 cents USD. Venezuela is a poor example of socialism but an excellent example of a dictatorship. Just for the record, I’m a fan of neither.

With all of these hardships mounting against suffering Venezuelans, some speculate that cannibalism may ensue as a way to fight starvation.

North Koreans experienced similar economic strife, and reports of cannibalism began to surface. In an article published by the Express, “Fears of cannibalism in the country surfaced in 2003, amid testimony from refugees who claimed poor harvests and food aid sanctions had resulted in children being killed and corpses cut up for food.”

Last year it was reported that desperate Venezuelans were breaking into Zoo’s to kill and eat the animals due to starvation. There have also been cases of people eating endangered animals like Flamingos and anteaters for the same purpose. When all the animals are eaten, the next logical step would be for cannibalism to start taking place. As Dave Hodges puts it “humans historically have preyed upon each other when there is no food left to procure.”