What I’m Listening to Today: Joey DeVille-Love is War & The Joe Rogan Show Featuring the Co-Founder of Minds.com

Joey DeVille

Here’s what I’m listening to today. Joey DeVille a hip hop artist from Philadelphia, PA and The Joe Rogan Show featuring the co-Founder of Minds.com. Here’s an excerpt from DeVille’s Soundcloud page. Undoubtedly, this fusion of energy & soul combined with melody & truth known as “Love Is War” was very much inspired by artists such as XXXTentacion, Drake, & Eminem. Still searching for Love, I’ve fought many Wars. Notice the art work on this masterpiece. I find myself trying to give the world love. This love is dying… It isn’t dead yet!! But it’s barely holding onto whatever’s left. But woe to the snakes that surround me. This symbolizes the disloyal family, friends, exes, or strangers I’ve encountered in my lifetime. Notice the dry bones & skulls that surround the valley around me. This represents the souls of those who fought for love yet died emotionally in their endeavor. This is my story… welcome to my mind. Love Is War.

Bill Ottman is an Internet entrepreneur and freedom of information activist based, and is also the CEO and co-founder of Minds. http://www.minds.com