Wells Fargo Disaster Day 2: Customers still can’t access credit card and mortgage balances

Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo, the worlds worst bank is still having problems getting back online according to this Vox report.

Wells Fargo customers have been unable to access their accounts and, in some cases, haven’t received scheduled direct deposits because of a power outage on Thursday that has continued into Friday morning.

ATM service has been restored and customers can continue using their credit and debit cards, according to a statement the company released on Thursday night, but some online banking features like credit card and mortgage balances are still unavailable. On Twitter, a Wells Fargo spokesperson confirmed that the outage was caused by smoke in a facility and wasn’t the result of “any cybersecurity event.”

Some customers weren’t relieved to hear that the issue was triggered by smoke instead of hackers. “One is being a victim of an attack, the other implies your entire GLOBAL OPERATION goes down cause of one fire in one building,” one customer tweeted.

“We continue to work on restoring all our services as soon as possible, and encourage customers to contact us if they have questions or concerns,” the company said in a statement on Thursday. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these system issues, and we want our customers to know that any Wells Fargo fees incurred as a result of these issues will be reversed.”