Vape-Marketing Is Blackmailing Websites To Purchase Their Products is blackmailing websites…

I love threatening emails, luckily, I get my fair share since I also publish an anti-establishment website

Arriving this morning was a rather humorous blackmail attempt from the website The sender Aleida Cazaly ( warned me that if I don’t purchase an overpriced product from his website he will start spamming my website with backlinks.

With endless opportunities around every corner in the internet age, this miserable marketer has resorted to blackmail.

I have very bad news for you, if you do not buy my products, I will start building a lot of spam backlinks to kill your website off. I think it is worth just purchasing one of my awesome and cheap products and then you can live with no problems and enjoy revenue from your business. You can buy here

I just need to survive and I hope you understand, it is not easy for anyone today.

I will wait your purchase. If you want to buy with bitcoin, I send you wallet address. Bitcoin will be better.

Thank you!