Two new Esham albums coming in February 2020

Esham albums

Two new Esham albums are set to drop February 2020 according to a recent social media post from the king of the “wicket shit”.

Esham took to Facebook to announce the release of not one, but two albums in February. The first album titled “She Loves Me” is slated to drop Sunday, February 2, 2020. The second, “She Loves Me Not” will be released on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Never one to follow a trend, Esham is bucking the new industry standard of putting out 20-minute albums by releasing two full-length albums of 15 and 16 tracks respectively.

A video of a text exchange Esham received from an unknown fan was posted on his page. I’m not sure if the text is real or a publicity stunt for his new albums, but it sure is hilarious.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation.

Fan: Is this Esham?
Esham: Who dis?

Fan: I’ve been bumping your music since the ’90s
Esham: How did you get this number?

Fan: No disrespect, but WTF happened to you bro?
Fan: You are trash now man
Fan: You need to put out another Closed Casket or Bruce Wayne. That shit was Fire (emoji).
Fan: This new shit you doing isn’t you. You could make so much more $ if you went back to the Wicked Shit.
Esham: Do I fucking know you?
Esham: BTW, it’s WICKET, not WICKED.
Esham: And I created the Wicket Shit. It’s anything I want it to be!

Fan: I’m just sayin…
Esham: How bout you take your tired antique ass back to 1994? I’m gonna stay in 2020 and keep doing what I do.

Fan: I wasn’t trying to offend you, bro. I’m just keeping it real…

Esham: Ok, then. Let me keep it real with you.
Esham: I’m dropping two new albums in February. “She loves me” and “She loves me not”.

Fan: Dope! Are you going to have any physical copies?