Task and Purpose: Irresponsible Journalism 101

Task and Purpose

Here’s a great example of irresponsible journalism. Back in 2107, the website Task and Purpose ran a hit piece titled “6 Types Of Dudes Being Mad In Their Cars On Video“. The writer Francis Horten, mistakenly reported that I (Thomas Dishaw) was the man in this video “US Army Veteran Gives Dire Warning, Its Time To Prepare”. The writer thought that since I uploaded the video to my YouTube account, I must be the person in the video, they were WRONG. I have since deleted this video so I cant be confused with the guy in the video, unfortunately, the writer managed to bunch me together with the likes of Alex Jones and a few other losers.

Here’s a clip from the Task and Purpose article.

2. The “I don’t have anywhere else to put all my stuff” guy

Angry people in cars aren’t some new phenomenon that came with the Trump administration. You can find YouTube videos predating the Trump administration, back when people were mad about the specter of Islamist Kenyan socialism. In “US Army Veteran Gives Dire Warning, Its Time To Prepare”, uploaded in 2015 (and made private in 2017), Thomas Dishaw tells us about the perils of a government preparing to bend or break the Constitution, all while his neighbor is running a weed-whacker in the background around the 2:40 mark. Preparation for the revolution is all well and good, but the HOA doesn’t mess around with grass length along the sidewalk.

The begonias aren’t going to weed themselves, Thomas.

Thomas falls into the category of the guy who gives off the feeling that he’s always prepared. But after a few minutes, you realize that he’s just got nowhere to store his tacticool gear in the house. The purpose is to give an air of preparedness, but it’s not really clear what he’s prepared for. I certainly wouldn’t go out on a mission with this loadout, unless the trunk has a full CamelBak and the other three members of his fire team.

Maybe this is just the bugout gear. His Ford 500 always has his backup vest, secondary AR rifle and tactical headphones, which can’t be plugged into anything in that car, but they look cool when draped over the passenger side seat.

Curiously, nothing he has in his car is readily available in the event of an actual emergency, nor is it strapped down in the event that he has to drive anything other than a straight line in the suburbs. It’s almost as if he just threw everything in, spending only the few seconds to make sure his audience could see the metallic dick extension in the front and the P-mags in the back. Not pictured: literally anything that would be helpful during a revolution, like medical supplies, water, food, or any semblance of sanity.