Somebody made a Street Lord Juan documentary on YouTube, and it’s trash

Street Lord Juan

What a disgrace. Where do I even start on this masterpiece of garbage presented by a fake documentary maker named ‘Pop-A-Lot’ on YouTube?

Over the past year, I have had the privilege to get to know Juan. I’ve learned a lot about his life, court case, and music career. That is why I am so appalled that this guy would put out barely researched information like its nothing. Since I clearly know more on the subject than this a**hole, I decided to relay my opinion. Here is my review:

The “documentary” starts with a video of Juan rapping, and then we are quickly introduced to Pop-A-Douche blessing us with his awful, signature tag “Mobbbbb Ties.” I was instantly aggravated the moment I heard it. Things only got worse when this word scholar stumbles over his introduction by saying “without further more to do,” proving Pop-A-Dick’s command for the English language is about as good as his fact checking or YouTube documentary skills. Since I’m handing out free lessons today “without further ado” is the correct way of introducing your subject.

I don’t know how much time Pop-A-Pill put into making this shitumentary, but it couldn’t have been much since he went on to mumble “Everybody in the street know him as Street Lord Juan, rapper affiliated and I wanna say even a member, ummmm, of the Street Lordz.”

Just to be clear, Pop-A-Smurf doesn’t even know if Street Lord Juan is a member of the Street Lordz?

Bruh, his name is ‘Street Lord Juan.”

WTF, My head is already starting to hurt.

Then Pop-A-Zit instantly contradicts himself by saying Juan was one the original members of the Street Lordz.

Now I’m getting confused. Maybe he was trying to be funny, but when you start off sounding like an idiot, it gets lost in translation.

Honestly, I could knit pick every line this disinformation artist is spewing, but I would be wasting my time and yours. Obviously, Pop-Lock-And-Drop-It knows nothing about Detroit, its history or culture. Like most in media today he is an attention whore looking for clicks, followers, and measly YouTube checks.

And this is just scratching the surface. My real issue with Pop-that-coochie and his shit-umentary is his lack of character. After sitting through 19 minutes of torture and shitty journalism, I then had the displeasure of hearing the article THAT I WROTE titled “Street Lord Juan Speaks: No lives matter when it comes to the United Snakes of Amerikkka” read by a damn robot. I felt somebody needed to check this clown, not only for the culture but to teach this guy some general respect in the dirty world of digital journalism.

When you use somebody’s work, you should at least acknowledge it and link back to the original source. It’s a basic lesson in ethics, which is probably a class Pop-a-kneecap didn’t pass. I mean he was able to cram every social media link and shitty music link he could in the documentary bio, but somehow he conveniently forgot plug mine in. Also, when you make a mini-doc about someone you should take the time to do some research and produce material that is 100% accurate and factually based. If he had just put the effort into this project, it probably could have been something he could be proud of, something we in the industry call cornerstone content.

Street Lord Juan

Finally, and what is probably most disheartening is the fact that virtually no one in the comments section has called out this garbage or Pop-a-waste-of-space for his misrepresentation of the true essence of Detroit and truth about Street Lord Juan.

Pop-A-Lot, I would expect much more from someone who has published over 184 Mini Docs (as of press time)  on YouTube. My advice is to take it down, do the correct research, and try again. Oh, and don’t forget to give me credit for my sh*t.