Street Lord Juan To Get Presidential Pardon From Donald Trump?

Steet Lord Juan

According to a Vanity Fair report, President Trump is going to be pardoning a few hip-hop artists, will Street Lord Juan be one of them?

As most know Juan has a long time connection to Good Music recording artist Big Sean, who in turn has Kayne West’s ear and a direct line to president Trump via Kim Kardashian.

Juan, who has served almost a decade behind bars is undoubtedly another casualty of the war on drugs and the prison industrial complex.

According to the groundbreaking Vanity Fair report:

One person who recently spoke with Kushner said the president’s son-in-law is gearing up for a big pardon push. The source said Kardashian gave Kushner a list of people to pardon, some of whom are hip-hop artists. “They’re going to be pardoning a lot of people—pardons that even Obama wouldn’t do,” the person said.

Could this be the big break in Juan’s case we’ve all been waiting for?

Keep your fingers crossed and say a few prayers for Juan as this story develops.