Bookmark This: Comprehensive List of 170 Open Source Intelligence Tools

intelligence tools


We’re living in the information age and having access to open source intelligence tools is a must. Whether you’re a Journalist, Private Investigator, Mother, Father, Husband or Wife; this comprehensive list is for you.

Listed below are approximately 170 links that will help you uncover information on cars, ships, planes, maps, satellites, street views, geo-based searches, domain names, public records, darknet, online cameras, buildings, email, IP’s, website analysis, phone numbers and countless other tools. Be sure to bookmark this IMPORTANT list and send me an email ( if I missed something.

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Mickey Factz ABSOLUTELY crushes this FREESTYLE

Mickey Factz


WOW! I’ll admit it; I didn’t know who Mickey Factz was…how embarrassing. Luckily I saw Royce Da 5’9″ give him a repost on his Instagram account (thanks, Royce).

His latest Freestyle on L.A. Leakers is an instant classic that should have wack rappers re-evaluating their career choices. Even better than the L.A. Leakers is a freestyle he did with Funk Flex on Hot 97 where he destroys the mic for almost 9 minutes.

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Philly Rapper Ayem Honcho Drops a New Video “The Wake Up”

Ayem Honcho

Ayem Honcho, one of the most underrated rappers from West Philly, has just released the visuals to his hit single “The Wake Up.”

The title track to his upcoming project, also titled The Wake Up, doesn’t disappoint. Ayem’s positive vibe shines throughout the soulfully produced Glen Mills track. The video was shot at Cobbs Creek in West Philly, and is a reflection of Ayem’s persona; full of life and surrounded by balance.

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DESPERATION: Kmart opens a store inside an existing Sears store



Seriously, I’m not making this up. Kmart has opened a 10,000 square foot convenience store inside a Sears store. This multi-level cluster**** is located in Brooklyn, New York and offers a full range of necessities like groceries, grab and go snacks, health and beauty supplies, and finally cleaning and pet supplies. I’m not sure if the marketing team at Sears is aware, but Walmart and Target essentially dominate this space, leaving no room for underachieving retailers like Sears and Kmart.

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