Is Uber Killing the Limo Rental Industry?

The all popular app has created a kind of chaos in the transportation industry. All of the sudden just anyone could offer driving services at lower prices that registered and professional organizations and individuals ever could. This left a big mark on the transport industry as a whole, as reported by The Washington Post.

The number and the stringency of regulation which are in place for regular limo services cannot be compared to next-to-nothing regulation Uber is subjected to. This is why limo companies need to be smart, to adapt in order to survive this difficult time. Here are some useful tips which could ensure that your limo business stays afloat and competitive.


Limo companies which only have cars and limos have been hit the hardest by the rise of Uber. Some others, like Presidential Limo DC, have a diverse fleet of cars, transporter vans and buses. This helped protect these companies from the worst of the impact. Most limo companies have had to adapt since and diversify into new markets and find new sources of revenue. Creating or using the niche markets such as dedicated wine or beer tours or shuttle services is a good way to power through the turbulent period.

Create a Mobile App

Limo companies are facing a mobile app, so the outdated phone or website-based approach is no longer enough. People live fast and use their smartphones for just about everything. If they are planning to go somewhere, they are much more likely to pick up their phone and tap an app a few times, rather than googling a website of a limo rental company, visiting the website and then finally ordering a car. Simplicity and speed are the key advantages of dedicated apps, and it is the advantage Uber has had from the start. Some limo companies are investing money into their own apps in a bid to increase visibility and revenue.

Play your strengths

Limo rental services should to their best to emphasize the advantages of renting a limo over hiring an Uber. For a start, traveling in a limo brings a certain level of class and luxury which Uber cannot hope to match. Most vehicles in the fleets of limo rental agencies are equipped with a full bar, entertainments systems and other amenities. Even the cumbersome regulations imposed by the federal government may serve as an excellent marketing point. These vehicles must be safe, whereas with Uber you can never know how roadworthy the car is. The same applies to the drivers. Professional drivers go through rigorous training and testing, something Uber drivers are not obligated to do.

Make cancellation simpler

With most traditional limo services, cancellation is notoriously difficult and it requires notification hours in advance. Uber, on the other hand, offers instant cancellation, quickly and effortlessly. This is just another example of how Uber is in tune with the new lifestyle of people. When you are constantly on the move, your plans can change quite rapidly. You do not want to be anchored down by the obligation to know hours in advance when and where you will go. Some limo rental companies have gotten the message and have significantly shortened the obligatory cancellation time to under an hour, which makes it much more accessible.

The rise of Uber is nothing more than an example of how capitalism works. A revolutionary new technology has appeared, and everyone else needs to adapt or ultimately fail. Fortunately, limo companies are resilient and their management and owners have stepped up to the challenge and they have begun to incorporate some of Uber’s strategies into their business models, ensuring the continued survival of limo rental industry.

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