Icewear Vezzo ‘Moon Walken’ All the Way To Prison For Gun Charge

Icewear Vezzo,  better known as the ‘Drank God”, will be ‘moon walken’ all the way to prison for his recent conviction on a handgun charge.

According to court documents Vezzo plead guilty to Possession of a Firearm by a Previous Convicted Felon, essentially landing him in prison for 20 months at the FCI Morgantown Facility in West Virginia.

Unfortunately the news couldn’t have come at a worst time as Vezzo was finally breaking out of midwest obscurity and knocking on the door to stardom.

Add Vezzo to the list of rappers who cant seem to leave the street life alone.  I’m sure this wont be the last time we hear from him but at least we can look forward to a quick return home.




  • Mr. Smith has eleven (11) misdemeanor convictions, primarily traffic or operator license related between age 17 and 23.
  • He also has four (4) previous felony convictions committed in just over 5 years.
  • In 2007, Smith was convicted of unarmed robbery in Oakland County. He was charged with felony for assaulting a man in Southfield to steal his glasses.
  • Defendant Smith was arrested for participating in the sale of a stolen car in May of 2009 in Detroit. He was again sentenced under the Youthful Trainee Act and failed a second time.
  • Smith was violated on January 22, 2010, approximately one month after an arrest for Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana, also in Wayne County.
  • Defendant Smith obtained five of his misdemeanor convictions between April of 2010 and May of 2012. Over $1100.00 in fines and two days in jail did not convince him that he needed to change his ways.
  • In June 2006, Smith was again arrested for a 3rd Degree Fleeing and Eluding and related marijuana offenses. Mr. Smith appeared before the Hon. Martha Anderson in Oakland County Circuit Court on January 7, 2013. He faced a possible one-year sentence in the Oakland County Jail and prior to his guilty plea was the subject of motions to revoke his release status by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for his use of controlled substances while on bond.
  • In June and July of 2015, Mr. Smith was individually warned by DPD Gang Intel Officers, as part of Detroit’s Ceasefire Program. Smith was found with marijuana and later, in a house with drugs and a firearm in it. He was advised that given his history, Smith represented a high risk to the community and would likely face federal charges if he chose to not change his ways.
  • On September 23, 2015, at approximately 5:00 in the evening Detroit Police officers assigned to the Major Violators Section were returning from the execution of search warrant in the east side of Detroit. As they travelled along Gratiot Ave. they approached a Sunoco Gas Station located at 12600 Gratiot. The officers, who were in two vehicles, observed a group of approximately 10 men congregating near one of the pumps at the gas station. Defendant Smith was a part of that group. As officers pulled into the parking lot, Defendant Smith began to walk away. A member of the police officers’ group then observed Smith lift up his shirt remove a handgun, and hand it to another individual who was later identified as Mr. Roderick Reynolds. The officers later learned that Reynolds had a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon. Furthermore, Reynolds had a nylon pistol holster on the right side of his waistband at the time of his arrest. Officers recovered the firearm that Smith had handed to Reynolds from Reynold’s left-hand pocket. The seized firearm was a .45-caliber Glock, and was loaded with fourteen rounds of ammunition.
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