FDA to make decision on a new CBD-based drug by the end of June


According to this Business Insider report the FDA is will be making a decision on a CBD drug. Here are 5 facts from the article.

  • A compound in marijuana that’s been linked to a range of potential health benefits — but doesn’t cause a high — is increasingly being eyed for use in salves, oils, balms, and beverages. It’s also the active ingredient in a new drug that’s on the cusp of federal approval.
  • Cannabidiol, or CBD, is estimated to make up a roughly $1 billion industry. If and when the Food and Drug Administration approves the new CBD-based drug— a decision currently slated for the end of June— it will turn the compound into one that can be legally prescribed by a doctor.
  • Since at least 2017, drug company GW Pharmaceuticals has been presenting strong research data to suggest that its CBD-based medicine, a syrup called Epidiolex, can treat the symptoms of two rare forms of childhood epilepsy that are characterized by violent seizures (known as drop seizures).
  • Although the Food and Drug Administration is not slated to make a final decision on the drug’s potential approval until June 27, experts say an official green light is likely.
  • If Epidiolex is approved, the DEA has 90 days to shift the classification of marijuana-derived CBD from the current categorization as something with “no recognized medical use” to either a Schedule 2 or 3 drug, much like the popular ADHD medication Adderall.