Bookmark This: 400 Gun and Ammo sites Democrats don’t want you to visit


Make no mistake the Democrats are coming for your guns. It’s not going to be in one clean swoop like the mandatory gun buyback program in Australia, because that would lead to a civil war. This roundup will be slow and incremental, and it starts with the limitation of information.

As most know Google is the information gatekeeper for about 75% of the world. It’s also a well-known fact that Google hates guns, and will do anything to destroy publishers and businesses that dare to uphold the Second Amendment. That is why this article is so important. Google can continue to suppress all the sites listed below, but they can’t suppress this page if you bookmark it in your browser. That is how we are going to win this war. Listed below are over 400 pro-Second Amendment websites offering valuable information in regards to firearms, ammo, gunsmithing, hunting, news, and much more. By no means is this list complete. I’m sure there are hundreds of great sites I missed, and if so please feel free to mention them in the comments and I will be sure to add them to this list. Please note I haven’t received any compensation from any of the companies or publishers listed below, my only goal is to create a great resource people can use over and over again.


.50 BMG Ammo 

.50 Forum 

.50 BMG Supply 

80% Lowers Forum

1911 Addicts

1911 Forum

1911 Talk


A-1 Hunting & Shooting Supply 

Able Ammo 

Accurate Powders 

Accurate Plating and Weaponry, Inc. 

Aero Precision


Airguns – Pyramyd Air, Inc.

AK47 Talk

Alliant Powders 

ALPEC Laser Sights 

American Derringer

American Gunsmithing Institute 

American Handgunner 

American Technologies Network

Ammo in Bulk 

Ammo Boxes (Plastic) 

Ammo Subscription 

Ammo from Able Ammo 


Ammunition from SHARP ammo

Ammunition Store, The 

Ammunition To Go

AR500 Armor

ArmaLite, Inc. 

Armament Technology 

Arms Vault

Arms Vault Reloading page (companion to above)

ATF Firearms Open Letters

ATF Firearms Rulings

Assault Web

ATN Corp


Back Woods Home


Ballistic Advantage

Barnes Bullets Inc.



Bear Claw

BenchMade Knives

Bench Rest Central

Beretta Firearms

Black Hills Ammunition 

Black Powder Resource 

Black Powder Elephant brand 

Black Powder Shooting 

Blue And Gray Gun Club of Huntsville and North Alabama

Blue Book of Gun Values 

Blue Ridge Firearms

Briley Mgf. Co.



Browning Owners

Buckey Firearms

Buffalo Arms 

BullBerry Barrel Works, Ltd. 

Bullets from Bullet works

Bullets from CB Bullets 

Bullets from Master Cast 

Bullets from Matt’s 

Bullets from Meister 

Bullets from Missouri 

Bullets from Montana Bullet Works 

Bullets from Oregon Trail 

Bullets from Reloads ‘N More 

Bullets from Rim Rock Bullets 

Bullets from SNS Casting 

Bullets from Zero Bullets 

Bullseye Shooting

Bullseye Tactical 

Burris Optics 


C&C Hunting & Fishing


Cal Guns Forum

CAS City

Cascade Ammunition 

Century Intl. Arms 

Cheaper Than Dirt 

CHRONY Chronographs 

Classic Pistol Website 

Cherry’s Guns 

Chestnut Ridge Supply 

Cimarron Firearms

Cliff’s Guns & Surplus

Colt Firearms

Concealment Express


Concealed Carry classes 

Country Outfitter 

Cowboy Action Shooting CAS-City 

Cowboy Fast Draw Association 

Cowboy Shooting, Navada

Cowboy Shooting, Georgia 

Cowboy Shooting, Alabama 

Cowboy Shooting, Alabama 

Cowboy Shooting, LINKS Page

Cowboy Holsters and Belts 

Cowboy Store 

Cowboy Store 

Cowboy Gun Leather

Custom Gun Leather 

CTK Precision 

CrossBreed Holsters

Crow Shooting Supplies 

Cylinder and Slide 

CZ Talk

Dan’s Ammo & Sporting Goods

Daisy Manufacturing Co. 

Dakota Arms, Inc. 

Dan Wesson Forum


Defensive Carry Forum

Dillon Precision 

Dixie Gun Works



Ed Brown Products

Electronic Gun Shop 



Executive Gun Runners 

F4 Defense

Fast Draw Shooting 

Faxon Firearms

Fenix Flashlights

Field and Stream

Find A Shooting Range

Firearms Organizations

Firearms Talk

Firearms Training 

First Defense

Friends of NRA – Huntsville, AL 

Fowler Gun and Machine Shop 

Fred’s Firearms Service 

Freedom Arms

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute 

GALCO International

Gamaliel Shooting Supply 

Gardall Gun Safes 

Georgia Arms 


Glock Firearms Home Page

Glock “King Glock” Home Page 


Glock Talk

Gorilla Ammo

Grams Engineering

Gray Beard Outdoors

Guns & Ammo Forum



Gun Cleaning 

Gun Collections On Line 

Gun Deals

Gun Deals(2)

Gun Deals(3)

Gun Deals(4)

Gun Facts

Gun Fighter Zone 

Gun Digest 

Gun Digest Gun Values

Gun Giveaways

Gun Laws By State

Guns Magazine 

GunMag Warehouse


Gun Parts Corp. 

Gun Rebates

Gun Rebates(2)

Gun Rebates(3)

Gun Rebates(4)

Gun Safes by Homeland Safes

Gun Safes by Maximum Security

Gun Safes by Sportsman Steel Gun Safes

Gun Schematics

Gun Shop Finder

Gunsight South Africa 

Guns and Game Magazine 

GunSmith School 

Gunner’s Alley

GunSmith List

Gun Video 

Gun Videos

Handgun Forum

Handloading For Hunting 

Hanson’s Leather

Henry Rifle Forums

Hinterland Outfitters 

HK Pro Forum

Hodgdon Powder Company

Hogue Grips 

Holsters for carry

Hornady Bullets 

Hunting Information Systems 



Illinois Carry Forum

Impact Guns Store 

IMR Powders 

Innovative Technologies 


Ithaca Gun Co.

Illinois Carry Forum

JM4 Tactical

Kahr Forum

kahr Talk


Kel Tec Forum

Kimber of America 

Kirkpatrick Leather Company 


Kramer Handgun Leather 



Laser Range Finder Review 

Laser Sight Pro 

Larry’s Pistol & Pawn 

Lazzeroni Arms Company 

Leupold Scopes

Leadheads Cast Bullets 


Lyman Products

Mag-Na-Port International 

Magnum Research

Magnus Cast Bullet Co. 

Marlin Owners

Marlin Firearms Co. 

Maryland Shooters


Mauser Firearms Co. 

McKune’s Sporting Collectibles 

Midsouth Shooters Supply 

Midway USA 

The Military Rifle Journal

Millett Scope Sights 

Misty Morn Safe Co.

Mississippi Sportsman 

Montana Bullet Works 

Mountain West Brass

M T M Case Gard 

Munitions Law Group 

Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, National 


National Bullet Company 

National Gun Forum

National Rifle Association 

National Rifle Association 

NRA guide to state gun laws

National Rifle Association ILA 

NFA Talk

NRA Friends – Huntsville, AL 

Navy Arms Co.

Night Vision 4 Less

Norma Precision 

North American Arms Catalog

Nosler Bullets 


NY Gun Forum

Ohio CCW Forum

Old Western Scrounger

Open Carry


Oregon Trail Bullet Co. 

Palmetto State Armory

Pearce Grip, Inc. 

Pellet Guns 

Perfect Union

Pinewood Derby Graphite

Potter Firearms

Pro Ammo 

Professional Shooters Products Inc. 

Rainier Arms

Ransom Rests 

RCS Optics 

Recreational Software, Inc.

Redding Reloading Equipment 

Redfield Optics 

RE Factor Tactical

Reloading Bench Plans from Widener’s 

Relentless Tactical

Rimfire Central

Remington 870 

Rossi Rifleman Forum

Rifle Scopes Review

Ruger Firearms

Ruger Talk


Sako Ltd. 


Savage Arms 

Shooters Forum

Shooting Rebates

Shotgun Report 

ShotShow Online 

Shoot Steel

Sierra Bullets

SIG Forum

Sig Sauer



Silencer Talk

Sinclair International

Southern Ammunition Company 

Smith and Wesson

Smith & Wesson Gear

Sniper’s Hide

Speer Bullets

Sporting Clays: England 

Sportsman’s Guide

Sports South

Springfield Armory 

Springfield Forum

SSK Industries 

Stag Arms Retail

Star Packer

Star Line Brass

State Gun Laws Wiki

Steps of Reloading

Survivalist Boards


Target Timers

Target Barn

Taurus Firearms


TSRA – Texas State Rifle Association 

Texas CHL Forum

Texas Gun Talk

Texas Gun Laws

Texas Gun Ranges

Texas – Austin Firearms Training


The AK Files

The FAL Files

The Firearms Forum

The Firing Line

The High Road

The Liberal Gun Club Forum

The Open Range

Thompson/Center Arms Co



Tommy Gun

Trap and Field 

True Shot Gun Club

Tumbling Media

Turner’s Outdoorsman

Tyrant Designs




Valley Firearms 

Varmint Hunters Association 

Walther Forums

Western Bullet Co. 

Western Powders 

Western Today

Western: Old West Gallery 

Western: Cowboy Emporium

Western Wear 

We The Armed

We The People Holsters

Wilson Combat

Winchester Ammunition 

WMD Guns


XD Talk

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