CVS rolls out vending machines full of UNHEALTHY products and junk

CVS has announced the roll out of 25 job killing vending machines, or as CVS likes to call them, ‘health and wellness machines’ down the east coast.

According to a press release via their website, CVS will strategically place vending machines in airports, hotels and other transportation hubs, throughout New England and New York. Capitalistically speaking this means that CVS will only put vending machines in areas they know they can charge a 500% markup. Nothing is ever about making things more accessible or convenient for the customer; it’s all about ripping you off.

To make it even worse, CVS has branded them ‘health and wellness machines’ which is laughable at best. According to their press release, they will be stocked full of:

  • Home and office essentials such as batteries, phone chargers, earbuds, lint rollers and stain removal sticks. (plastic junk made in China that will fall apart after a few uses )

Sadly, CVS hasn’t figured out what the world wellness means. Wellness doesn’t come in the form of a pill and most certainly doesn’t come in the form of vending machine snacks. If CVS wants to be a game changer and make a positive impact on your health they will introduce vending machines that offer 100% organic cancer-fighting juices or smoothies, top quality supplements that aren’t full of fillers and toxins. Better yet they could provide organic fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, CVS isn’t in the wellness business; they’re in the business of profiting off your sickness. Just look at how many CVS MinuteClinics are scattered throughout your community.