CPS would have you tied up in ‘Family Court’ if you didn’t have heat in your house, but if you’re the Baltimore City Public School System, you get a pass

Here is another ugly reminder as to why you should never let the ‘state’ destroy your child’s future with 12 years of useless knowledge. If you haven’t pulled your children out of ‘prison,’ better known as the public school system, you should.

We all know that schools are government brainwashing camps, which teach you how to be a ‘good slave,’ but whats taking place in Baltimore, Maryland is a little more alarming. Not providing heat to your children at home would certainly get you a visit from C.P.S. and undoubtedly get your children kidnapped by the state, but if you’re the Baltimore Public School system, you’re allowed to let your students freeze to death in classrooms temperatures around 40 degrees.

If you haven’t started homeschooling your children, you should.