Chump Change: Scumbag big pharma dumps massive amount of pills in West Virginia, gets fined $37 Million

Big Pharma gets off again with a measly $37 million dollar fine dumping massive amounts of pills on the poor in West Virginia according to this ABC report.

The state of West Virginia has landed a $37 million settlement against a pharmaceutical wholesaler that is accused of dumping “massive quantities” of prescription painkillers into communities.

McKesson Corp. settled a lawsuit filed against the company by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Gov. Jim Justice for allegedly supplying thousands of hydrocodone pills to several small towns, including Kermit, West Virginia, with a population of 400.

A congressional report released last year found that McKesson had supplied “massive quantities” to one pharmacy in Kermit that received nearly 10,000 pills a day on average.

McKesson denies the allegations in the lawsuit as well as any wrongdoing.