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A Teenager Posted About Her COVID-19 Infection on Instagram. A Deputy Threatened To Arrest Her If She Didn’t Delete It

A family in Oxford, Wisconsin, is suing the local sheriff’s department after a patrol sergeant threatened to arrest a teenage girl for disorderly conduct for posting on Instagram about being infected with COVID-19.

Amyiah Cohoon, 16, is a student at Westfield Area High School in Westfield, Wisconsin. According to this lawsuit, she and schoolmates went to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida for a spring break trip in early March, right as the coronavirus was beginning to spread and businesses began to shut down. She and her classmates canceled the trip early and returned home.

Once home, Cohoon began developing symptoms associated with COVID-19. She sought medical assistance, but at the time they were unable to test her to see if she was infected. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection with “symptoms consistent with COVID-19,” according to the lawsuit.

Cohoon went home and posted on Instagram letting people know that she had COVID-19 and was in self-quarantine. Her condition worsened and she was brought to the hospital for treatment. She posted again about the experience on Instagram. Finally, they were able to test her, but the test came back negative. According to the lawsuit, doctors told her it was likely she missed the window for testing positive, but she probably did have COVID-19, despite the test results. (False negative results have been an ongoing issue in accurately diagnosing infections.)

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Exposed: Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation as Corrupt as Clinton Foundation

The Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is just as corrupt as the Clinton Foundation. Here’s a list of facts/allegations with references.

• Helped Big Pharma circumvent Western regulatory regimes by sponsoring cut-rate drug trials [1];

• Gave grants of hundreds of millions to companies it owns stock in [3];

• Thousands of child rape photos were traded out of Bill Gates’ mansion [4];

• Gates was a member of Epstein’s inner-circle [5];

• Gates had one-on-one meetings with Epstein even after he was arrested for child trafficking and child sex abuse [5];

• The Gates operation resembles nothing so much as a massive, vertically integrated multinational corporation (MNC), controlling every step in a supply chain that reaches from its Seattle-based boardroom, through various stages of procurement, production, and distribution, to millions of nameless, impoverished “end-users” in the villages of Africa and South Asia [2];

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Internet Destroys Police Dept for Promising to Extort Citizens for Victimless Crimes After Lockdown

Burlington, IN — Beginning in March with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, millions of Americans found themselves without a job. Since then, the United States has been experiencing record unemployment now on track to top 20 million new jobless claims this month. Simply put, Americans are struggling right now and the measly $1,200 stimulus checks don’t even begin to undo the damage caused by the lockdown.

One would think that during a crisis like this, police departments would promise to take it easy for a while in regard to issuing citations for victimless crimes like window tint, cracked windshields, license plate lights, or government mandated vehicle stickers. One would think that police could empathize with society and realize that struggling Americans may have to decide between renewing their license plate registration or feeding their children.

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Smartphone Coronavirus Test? Apps Would Listen to Your Cough

Smartphones already know a lot about us, but now some researchers are betting the devices can also be trained to detect whether we are infected with the new coronavirus—just by listening.

Several teams of artificial-intelligence researchers are working toward systems that could help spot the disease through people’s breathing, coughing and speech. They are collecting thousands of sound samples from people who have contracted Covid-19 on the hope that the signature respiratory problems that make the infections so dangerous could also help unlock the way to a faster diagnosis.

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50 Militarized Cops Destroy Family’s Home Looking for Unarmed Homeless Man Who Stole Ice Cream

FRESNO, CA – As TFTP previously reported, a married couple claimed Fresno sheriff’s officers destroyed their house by using it as a training ground for a teargas-wielding SWAT team, 50 vehicles, two helicopters, a K-9 unit and a fire truck — because an unarmed homeless man had been found in their closet. Now, after attempting to seek compensation for their incredible loss for over 3 years, the Jessens were told this month that they can kick rocks, the government who destroyed their home, owes them jack squat.

Last week, according to Courthouse News, the Ninth Circuit court of appeals upheld a ruling that the Fresno County and the city of Clovis are not liable for negligence claimed by David and his wife Gretchen Jessen’s lawsuit, because the damage to their home was caused by the officers’ “discretionary acts.” Seriously.

As TFTP reported in 2017, David and Gretchen Jessen sued Fresno County and the City of Clovis in Fresno County Court. They say the unconstitutional assault on their home was “excessive, unreasonable, violent, destructive … intrusive … unnecessary and unreasonable.”

Indeed, it was. But the court apparently didn’t agree.

In their lawsuit, the Jessens, who are farmers, claimed in their complaint that the sheriff and police used their house as a military battleground for training “because the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department and/or Clovis Police Department had found, by accident, the perfect location to conduct a training exercise on a rural home, on a dead-end street, in rural Fresno County, where ‘civilians’ were not present, ‘civilians’ were not going to congregate, ‘civilians’ were not going to observe or interfere with the military training assault on the Jessens’ home and the situation posed no risk of injury to the officers.”

This nightmare for the Jessens started on June 11, 2016 when David Jessen received a call from the sheriff’s office telling him that his house may have been broken into. David called his wife and hurried home to find four patrol cars with officers scattered around the perimeter. One of the cops was holding a bullhorn and was yelling “come out,” and “hands up.”

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‘Protesting is Non-Essential’ – Police Make Tyrannical Claim as Citizens Demand Economy Reopen

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” — Amendment 1, United States Constitution

Raleigh, NC — The state of North Carolina is one of the least affected states in the country with regard to the current COVID-19 outbreak. With just over 5,000 confirmed cases and only 108 deaths related to the virus, many citizens are growing wary of the state’s lockdown order and are demanding things go back to normal.

On Tuesday, more than 100 protesters took the the city streets of Raleigh, North Carolina to voice their desire to reopen the the state’s economy. They were quickly met with police action but the well-organized protesters stood their ground through multiple threats.

According to the News and Observer, the protest was organized by ReopenNC, a private Facebook group organized last week that wants people to make their own stay-at-home decisions to avoid exposure to COVID-19 as the worldwide pandemic continues. The group surpassed 28,000 members on Tuesday afternoon.

When the protest began, the Raleigh police department put out a tweet that is sure to go down in history books as they declared the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble, otherwise known as the First Amendment — “non-essential.”

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Doctor Who Defied Stay-Home Order to Test Homeless for COVID-19, Unlawfully Cuffed at His Home

Miami, FL — In an act of “civil disobedience” Dr. Armen Henderson, a medical doctor at the University of Miami, defied the government’s stay at home order to fight the coronavirus pandemic on the front lines — and not in the safety of a hospital. The doctor took to the streets of Miami late last month to provide a much needed service and test the city’s homeless population for COVID-19.

Testing homeless populations has been a key factor in stopping the spread of the virus as homeless people are unable to “shelter in place.’ Many homeless people are said to be carrying COVID-19 but have no way of knowing without access to tests. Dr. Henderson knows this, which is why he defied the order and took to the streets to test the homeless.

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WATCH: Cops Hold Innocent Man at Gunpoint As He Legally Films in Public

Clive, IA — Filming the police is entirely legal, in every state. However, all too often, we will see police officers overstep their authority and arrest, attack, and assault innocent people for the constitutionally protected act of documenting their behavior in public. As the following case out of Clive, Iowa illustrates, cops will even pull their guns on people for exercising their First Amendment right to film in public.

In the land of the free, there are ostensible checks and balances which are in place to prevent corrupt and power drunk government officials from overstepping their authority and depriving people of their rights. The largest ostensible restraint on this power is the constitution. However, as TFTP has reported for years, despite the fact that police swear an oath to uphold this constitution, they are all too often the ones who ignore it.

In an exclusive interview with the Free Thought Project, activist and First Amendment auditor, Floyd Wallace tells us that over the weekend, he went to the Clive Police Department to request documents under the Freedom of Information Act to see how much the police department receives in taxes.

During his trip to the department, Wallace began filming and this act quickly garnered him the attention of Clive’s finest.

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