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100 Hip Hop Artists From Michigan You Should Be Following on Instagram


Michigan is a state fraught with music history. From Berry Gordy and the sounds of Motown to Eminem, one of the most recognized hip hop artists on the planet, Michigan has it all. Detroit, in particular, continues to be a acknowledged for most of the talent coming out of the Great Lakes State. Most people, however, don’t know or recognize that Flint was actually a hotbed of great talent as well back in the day. Artists such as Top Authority, Dayton Family, Bone Skanless and Jake the Flake are just a few of the big names to come out of Flint. And let us not forget those artists such as J Dilla, Blade Icewood, M.C. Breed, Proof, and Bugz who are no longer with us but whose impact on rap music will always be remembered. I wanted to put together a master list of the top hip hop talent coming out of Michigan that you should be following on Instagram. These are artists, producers, and designers that continue to pave the way for the Michigan rap scene.

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Larry Donaldson

Larry Donaldson better known as Lil Larry was convicted in 2006 for the murder of Detroit legend Blade Icewood. Little is know about Larry, legend has it he was a notorious hit man. Larry is currently serving a life sentence for multiple murders. Besides being a total scum bag, he also wins the award for the best mugshot. Below are few highlights from his State Of Michigan appeal that was obviously denied in 2008. If anyone has any more information about this crazy f*** please send it to I would like to do some more investigating.

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Filthy Rockwell Releases Filthy America to Critical Acclaim

Filthy Rockwell

Personally, I feel that the state of hip-hop has been uninspiring over the last few years. Maybe I was spoiled by the era I grew up in; Public Enemy, Gang Starr, MC Breed, One Be Lo, Esham, Scarface, Ras Kass, Dead Prez, Wu-Tang, O.C., Cormega, Nas, and Pac are the storytellers I admired. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good music being released, but there is also a lot of garbage being released. Now that any high schooler with a tattooed face can cheaply purchase a microphone, computer, and music software the game has changed. Add a Soundcloud page and voila, a generation of wannabe rappers and producers are born.

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Detroit’s Violent Obsession Over Cartier Glasses


I ran across this great article on that highlights Detroit’s obsession with Cartier glasses. Here’s an excerpt.

Detroit hip-hop and rap lyrics in particular played a vital role in educating young men on Cartier culture. Frequent Eminem collaborator Royce da 5’9”, who’s almost never photographed without a Detroit Tigers hat and some Cartier frames, mentions them on songs like “Shake This”: “On some couple thousand-dollar suit type shit / From behind thousand-dollar Cartier scrips.” One underground group called Bandgang refers to themselves as “The White Buff Boyz,” although, as their manager told me, they recently had all of their glasses confiscated in a federal raid. And in an early track from rapper Danny Brown called “Cartier,” he raps, “And I think them wood frames better on me / Sold ’em for six, coulda got a G.” Thanks to artists like these, Cartier has received a wealth of free advertising, and, according to Rosenberg, the music has actually translated into revenue.

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AL PROFIT-The Preview Volume 2: The Blade Icewood Story

Blade Icewood was set to be the first gangster rapper from Detroit to blow up on a national scale. Tone “AK” Scott produced many of his most well known songs, and I teamed up with AK (who also worked with me on the T Stuckey Story) to bring the “The Preview Volume 2: The Blade Icewood Story” this uncut interview features K-Deezy- one of Detroit’s most well known underground artists talking about the life, times, and death of the Great Lakes Ruler Darnell “Blade Icewood” Lindsey.

Shocking report reveals that almost 50% of Detroit residents can’t read


Editors note: I originally wrote this article for on March 29 2017

Students of the Detroit, MI, public school system have been dealt a losing hand, according to a new study from the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund. The DRWF is a group that strives to provide citizens of Detroit with workforce training which will increase career readiness and opportunities. They recently released a report stating that 47 percent of people in Detroit are “functionally illiterate.”

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Detroit Legend Esham Sued For Millions


Esham, the King of not having his business together or playing nice with others in the Detroit music scene, was sued for a whopping $4,650,000 by Detroit’s own Bridgeport Music, Southfield Music and Westbound Records in 2003.


According to court documents, Esham sampled riffs without permission from Parliament/Funkadelic, Ohio Players, George Clinton and the Detroit Emeralds.

The case spanned for about 10 years, finally ending in 2013, with a default judgement levied against Rashamm A. Smith (Esham) for the amount of $33,690.41, and an additional $10,156.07 in attorney fees.




The plaintiffs were beyond frustrated with this case as they were never able to properly serve Esham with any official papers. Sworn testimony from Esham’s booking agent at the time, John Finberg, and Alex Abyss of  Psychopathic Records state they had no idea how to get ahold of Esham stating that he simply just “shows up”.

Shari Lesnick, attorney for the plaintiff, made a career out of trying to track Esham down. On July 19, 2003 she attempted to serve Esham unsuccessfully at his last known residence of 18451 Schoenherr. On July 22, 2003 she tried to serve Esham at the Emerald Theater where he was supposed to perform, but he didn’t appear. And finally on October 10, 2003 she tried to serve Esham on Stage at Harpo’s but was unsuccessful.


Esham’s game of cat and mouse went on for years but the system eventually gave up and slapped him with a default judgement of $43,846.48 for unlicensed sampling and attorney fees. Thats a small price to pay since Esham has sold millions of records in the mid 90’s, back when CD prices were $20.00 each, possibly netting him millions of dollars in the glory days of CD sales.

You can’t blame Esham for ducking the courts.  Who would want to open up their books and testify under oath that you made millions of dollars back in the day, only to have an even bigger judgement levied against you.

After reading hundreds of documents I still have a few unanswered questions, mainly being does Esham own the rights to infringed songs? According to the docs, the plaintiffs went after the rights to these, so I’m unsure if he still owns them.  This may also explain why Esham suddenly stopped pursuing a career in culinary arts.  I remember years ago he went to school to become a certified gourmet Chef, got a job somewhere and then suddenly stopped. Maybe the $43,846 wage garnishment hit his check. I know the “Multikillionaire‘ is smarter than that…or maybe not.