Boycott backfire: Wegmans stores sell out of Trump wine

The left likes to ruin everything, even a good glass of wine. Their latest failed attempt came when they demanded Wegmans stop carrying Trump wines. Laughably, the failed attempt caused the wine to sell out according to this Syracuse report.

Wegmans doubled down on their position stating we “would continue to stock products based on how well they sell, not politics.”

Finally a company with some balls…

Did a threat to boycott Wegmans over products with President Donald Trump’s name backfire?

The Rochester-based grocery store chain came under fire this week for carrying Trump wines at its 10 Virginia locations. The bottles come from the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Va., bought by Trump in 2011 and given to his son, Eric Trump.

The National Organization for Women and other critics encouraged shoppers to take their business elsewhere, despite Wegmans’ cult following and positive reputation. “Let’s demonstrate through economic action that the residents and businesses of Charlottesville will not stand for the hatred espoused by Eric Trump and those like him,” the protest group Stop Trump Wine said.

However, the attention may have encouraged Trump supporters to buy more of the wines.

“As of late yesterday, we had sold out many varieties in our (Virginia) stores, and in some cases, all varieties,” Jo Natale, vice president of media relations for Wegmans, told the Democrat & Chronicle Friday. “For example, our two Richmond stores had completely sold out. Other stores had inventory of some varieties.”

A liquor store owner in Henrietta, N.Y., told the newspaper that he was also seeing increased demand: “Some people, sight-unseen, would just buy bottles of it.”

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