Bizarre Drops Inspiring, Heart-Felt Video- “Lose Weight”


Anyone that knows me personally knows that I love Bizarre. He comes from a long line of Detroit MC’s (Esham, Danny Brown, ICP and King Gordy) who don’t fit into any particular box. His offbeat personality and earnest intentions make his latest song, titled “Lose Weight,” one of his best.

Bizarre’s latest offering documents his struggle with weight loss and the emotions he’s dealt with along the way. It’s inspiring to see a rapper show their vulnerable side and let their fans know they suffer adversity just like us.

Fans are also finding it refreshing to see this side of Bizarre, who has come a long way from the days of rapping with Eminem and D12. Here are just a few of the comments from his YouTube video which has racked up over 120,000 views since its release:

  • Shout out to Bizarre out here trying to make a change for himself. That line about the fear of losing your career because of changing your image made me think of what got me liking your stuff in the first place. And I thought back to the D12 day’s. What drew me to your music was your style and how funny you were. Weight had nothing to do with it. Keep working hard. Salute to you dude and best of luck on your journey.This guy went from talking about inappropriate acts with his grandmother to being the most motivational rapper on the platform…
  • I love Bizarre, he is actually being real when he’s being silly.
  • “I get depressed and start eating. Cheese burgers are my best friend”. That’s some real shit.
  • 2019 state of hip hop..Bizarre has more bars than any mumble rappers out there.
  • Best bizzare ive herd in a long time great to hear.
  • Many years ago… We was picking up transvestites on a harley Davidson… Today we’re losing weight. Today was a good day.
  • That was dope most positive shit i ever hear bizarre do.
  • This is legit the best thing Bizarre has ever done.
  • Growing up I never would h e guessed we would get this Bizarre, This track is real asf.
  • I can relate to this so hard. even the part about his girl not wanting him to lose weight. after i left my ex, he told me that he kept making me feel guilty and eating all this extra food he’d make, etc. so i would be fat so that nobody else would want me :/. shit is weak as fuck. don’t ever do that to someone else cause of your own insecurities. take care of your own mental health and you’ll be better for all those around you.
  • This shit makes me and a lot of people hyped for bizarre. “i told my doctor, i got a image/if i lose weight, my career is finished” really gonna be the total opposite of that, everyone’s proud of you dude.
  • I always knew this real person was behind the persona but I never dreamed he’d be this dope. Good shit Bizarre everyone is pulling for you.