Big Pharma offers Florida school $5,000 for every student they medicate

Big Pharma

Big Pharma is coming for your YOUNG children.

According to Barbie Rivera, a recent guest on the Addiction Podcast, Big Pharma offered her $5,000 for every child she is willing to recommend for medication. To make the deal even sweeter the $5,000 renews every year.

The interview gets interesting around the 9-14 minute mark when Rivera reveals she was the only educator in South Florida who didn’t take the payoff from Big Pharma.

About 29 years ago, a public school teacher told Barbie Rivera that her 6 year old son had a mental disorder and she needed to put him on a mind altering drug – Ritalin. Barbie thought that was nutty as her son was very bright, normal and already bilingual. She started home schooling him now has her own school – called HELP Miami. Her story of how the drug companies offered to pay her $5K every year for every student she will recommend for medication is horrific.

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