Big Brother to identify you by the vein pattern in your hands

vein pattern

According to this Daily Mail report, Big Brother will soon be able to identify you by the vein pattern in your hands.

Scientists are working on a piece of technology that will catch criminals using pictures of their hands.

A combination of vein patterns, skin creases, scars, tattoos and pigmentation are used as key biometrics used to identify an individual.

These techniques have previously been used successfully in a court of law to identify child abusers from images of their hands.

The project will combine ‘hard biometrics’, such as fingerprints with ‘soft biometrics’ to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the person’s true identity.

She said: ‘The hand retains and displays many anatomical differences due to our genetics, development, environment or even accidents so each person’s hands are different.

‘Now for the first time, researchers will analyse all the factors that make a hand truly unique so we can understand and use them reliably as evidence to identify individuals.’