Banger: Seven The General Stunts On Chase The Bag

Seven The General

Seven The General is an O.G. in Detroit Hip Hop. In late 2018 he teamed up with Dean Shepp and released an amazing track titled: “Chase The Bag”. Seven shines heavily on this track, his street swag is authentic and his style is versatile and flawless.

If your unfamiliar with his Seven’s legacy below is an excerpt from his IMBD page.

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Seven the General is an Award winning Detroit Emcee, Actor & Songwriter 2016 “Detroit Music Award -Outstanding HipHop MC & Outstanding electronic/dance recording & Flick Film Festival winner for KYMD. Seven has written songs with many of the industries elite, K’Jon, Bizarre, D12, Royce da 59 & Redman J Dilla, Esham, Trick Trick and more. In 2016 Seven the General’s image was placed in the Detroit institute of Arts for his legendary contribution to Detroit Music & Hip-Hop.

Seven the General is the star of the crime documentary “Detroit the Murder City”.

DETROIT – THE MURDER CITY Documentary – Starring Seven the General

This is the Tale of Crime in Detroit and how it affects its everyday citizens..Directed by AL PROFIT (Saint Aubin) this Documentary explores the minds of the criminals and the victims which are one in the same… Featuring Detroit Imfamous Emcee Seven the General

Murder City: Detroit – 100 Years of Crime and Violence is a 2008 film which chronicles the story of gang violence in Detroit over the past 100 years and how it has affected the fabric of one of the oldest cities in the midwest. Murder City is filmed documentary style and chronicles the cities notorious criminal past.The stories of Detroit’s notorious criminals are interspersed with real life drug stories in the film. Detroit legendary music artist Seven the General stars in the film and sheds light his history and ties with Young Boy Inc.[3] Along with retired police officers, and “others tell their crime stories on film. They chronicle losing loved ones to violence, as well as their own experiences. The real life stories add a humanizing element.

Released nationally and directed by Alan “Al Profit” Bradleythe film is stored in collegiate libraries and used by professors at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University as a reference tool for class course work.