Amazon Turns Shopping Malls Into Warehouses, Changing America’s Community Landscape

After helping drive local shopping malls toward collapse, Amazon is coming back to finish the job: turning them into warehouses.

That’s according to scores of reports in recent years, including one early this month published in the Wall Street Journal, discussing how Amazon keeps on turning old malls into fulfillment centers in Northeast Ohio.

Apparently, this strategy makes a great deal of sense for Amazon, as it pushes customer experience to new limits, according to Sean Maharaj, managing director in the transportation logistics and retail practices of AArete.

“While at a surface level, this appears simply to be about converting shopping malls into warehouses to strengthen Amazon’s supply chain and physically position the retailer closer to customers (both rural and urban) for same or next day delivery, the move has all the hallmarks of Amazon’s DNA,” says Maharaj. “It’s yet another example of its creative, disruptive and innovative mindset. The advantage play comes in many forms, but most importantly, pushing customer experience to new limits.”