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25 Reasons to evacuate Baltimore Maryland immediately

Like most big cities Baltimore, Maryland is plagued by incompetent leadership. Mayor Catherine Pugh is an amateur to put it fairly, and she has no business holding an elected office. Her most significant accomplishment to date is removing hundred-year-old statues to satisfy the vicious hunger of social justice vultures. In the meantime, Baltimore, the city she […]

Welcome to BALTIMORE: America’s Inner City Hellhole

Long ago Baltimore was once considered the place to be on the east coast. The city was vibrant due to a busy port and an abundance of manufacturing jobs; now you can’t find a single fortune 500 company in Baltimore, let alone the greater Baltimore region.   I often joke with my wife that she is the […]

Coming to America: H&M stores trashed in protest over ‘racist’ ad

H&M stores are facing a violent backlash for recently running a racist ad by placing a young African American child in a hoodie that had the words ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ screen printed on the front. In an era of super sensitive feeling and hyperactive political correctness, I’m not sure how H&M managed to […]

Burgon Sealy Jr. in standoff with Delaware police after murdering state trooper in Wawa parking lot

Update: Suspect In Delaware Trooper Shooting Killed By Police After 18-Hour Barricade Twenty-one hours after barricading himself inside his family’s Middletown home, the 26-year-old man who had earlier killed a Delaware state trooper emerged Thursday morning carrying a weapon when police used an armored vehicle to rip siding off the structure. Burgon Sealy Jr., who had rained gunfire on hundreds […]

Youth Blood Wont Last Forever…New Generation Of Globalist On The Horizon

No matter how hard the aging global elite try to remain young, some even going as far as consuming youth blood, deep down they know that death is inevitable. As a generation of old rulers prepare for the after life, a new legion of  left-wing globalists are being groomed to carry on the dreams of […]