Please note this article was originally published in 2017.

Dajuan Wren, better know as Street Lord Juan, is currently incarcerated until 2025. The Detroit icon has been fighting his case relentlessly behind bars for almost six years.

It has been an uphill battle for Juan who has had his hands full taking on corrupt Judge Gerald Rosen, battling shameful Attorney Robert Morgan, fighting unscrupulous DEA agent Bryan Sartori, and dealing with nefarious collaborators such as U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade, Assistant US Attorney Julie A. Beck and PSR investigator Kim Crova. As if that wasn’t enough, there has been another groundbreaking development in the case, one that could put into serious question the validity of Michael Cathey AKA Moe Green’s actual plea agreement.

According to Sharon Rose, a certified forensic document examiner, the signature on the plea agreement is not consistent with previous court documents bearing Cathey’s signature. This raises the serious question of whether or not Cathey even signed this document.  And if he didn’t, then who did and why?

Perhaps corrupt government officials and co-conspirators forged Cathey’s plea to overcome an obstacle created by the fact Cathey refused to admit to the heroin element. This was a crucial detail necessary to convict Cathey and Juan of  Count One as charged.

Juan and Cathey were Indicted for Conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute 755 grams or more of Heroin and Marijuana, but there are some major red flags. For example:

  • In order for Juan to have been found guilty of Count One, the Jury would have had to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, “as charged” in the Superseding Indictment.
  • Judge Rosen constructively amended the Indictment in the court room, and to the demise of the government’s case against Juan, the Jury did not find Juan guilty of Count One as charged in the Indictment.
  • The Jury also  did not find Juan guilty of Marijuana. In fact, no evidence of marijuana dealing was even presented at Trial.
  • Cathey in turn denied ever receiving Heroin or Marijuana from Juan via an affidavit that he refused to withdraw.
  • Since Cathey only admitted to Marijuana and his plea was accepted January 7, 2011 without the Heroin element, Judge Rosen and co-conspirators were fully aware that the elements required by law had not been met.
  • Cathey’s plea would have undoubtedly resulted in the overturning of Juan’s conviction. Could it be that in order to solve that problem, Judge Rosen, nearly 1 year after Juan’s trial, overtly acted in furtherance of the Conspiracy, and attributed 750 grams of heroin to Cathey anyway?
  •  If Cathey’s plea agreement that is signed and dated January 4, 2011 was authentic and Cathey admitted to heroin, why was Cathey’s January 4, 2011 hearing adjourned due to the fact he denied heroin?
  • What would be the need for Judge Rosen to decide the heroin element and attribute the heroin to Cathey nearly a year later?

Ultimately Juan was found guilty of Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute 750 grams or more of heroin, which is not Count One as charged in the Indictment.  He was also convicted on Count Eight: Felon In Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition.

The only other person  sentenced to as much time as Juan was Antonio Simmons AKA “Poncho”, who was said to be a known distributer for the Sinola Cartel and responsible for shipping in hundreds of kilos of marijuana and cocaine into Michigan each month.  It should be noted that Juan received an almost identical sentence as Simmons even though Juan’s charges were less severe.

The question remains if in fact Simmons was ever even charged with Conspiracy in the case. Interestingly, the record reflects that Simmons AKA Poncho, whom DEA agents claim made statements to them implicating Juan as the supplier, did in fact deny the DEA’s claims via an affidavit that the Government has not rebutted to date. 

In the next coming weeks I will be releasing pertinent information and layout the major discrepancies in this case.  There are so many elements and this story deserves to be done justly.  America prides itself on having a fair and just legal system, and attempts to uphold William Blackstone’s principle that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.  If Juan is serving his sentence based on deceptive charges, it is owed to him to have it brought to light.

I have been privileged enough to be an outlet for Juan, and I want to tell his story in his own words. Below is an email I received from Juan bringing all of this to light:

Juan’s Email

I thought you’d find that interesting [signature analysis] so I figured I get it in your hands. I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for that document and (and Michael Cathey AKA Moe Green wouldn’t have done as much time as he did either).

The document in itself is evidence of how The Court, the government, and the attorneys Conspired to set me up and falsely imprison me. I don’t think people really realize that in America, I actually went to trial and got found guilty of charges that I DIDN’T GET INDICTED FOR and CONVICTED of a charge that the JURY DIDN’T FIND ME GUILTY OF and it can happen to anybody.

The only reason I’m still in prison is because a racist, arrogant, power-drunken Judge is using his office and influence to keep his ruling from being overturned (regardless of the fact that he knows I’m actually Innocent).

I got him removed from my case but anybody currently in front of him or going in front of him should know the truth about his true nature, character, purpose, and intent. He’s a lot of things, but honorable isn’t one of them.

I know he isn’t the only Judge (and they aren’t the only prosecutors and attorneys) conducting themselves as such, but they are the parties whose gross misconduct has been caught on record, so I’m beginning to unveil a few things in effort that people can judge for themselves in the court of common sense.

We can yell “Black lives matter” but if we continue to do absolutely nothing when Black lives and families are torn apart by blatant Corruption and Injustice on a daily basis, our non-actions are actually telling them that Black lives don’t matter enough for “Black people” to fight or sacrifice anything for. Black people aren’t the only people being terrorized by the federal government, the court, and other entities, but we are the target of choice. The truth is “No lives matter, when it comes to the United Snakes of Amerikkka winning their cases”. Once people learn how powerful we are united, more people will comprehend why they put so much effort into keeping us divided.

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