UPDATE: Major Announcement Regarding “Street Lord Juan”


Over a year ago I wrote a story about Detroit icon Dajuan Wren, better known as “Street Lord Juan”.

The story generated a phenomenal response, with producers, rappers and family members reaching out to me, which was something I didn’t expect. Although the overall reaction to the article was positive, there were a few people who weren’t happy with it due to a few unintentional errors in the story. One such error was due to me not knowing all the facts regarding Juan’s appeal process (something he is still fighting) and another due to sloppy police reporting that stated Juan’s Mercedes was a 1997 model, when in actuality it was a 2007 model.  Though I stood behind the overall story, after careful consideration and conversations with people who stated they were close to “Street Lord Juan” I decided to take it down.


After careful reconsideration I decided I wasn’t going to give up on the legend of “Juan”.  He has a story the people of Detroit want to hear. So over the last year I took the necessary steps to obtain all the court documents surrounding the case (over 5,000 pages) so I could give you the real story behind this beloved Detroit icon.

Over the next few months I’m going to be publishing accounts that will give you a glimpse into the life of “Street Lord Juan”.  The things I have uncovered are mind-blowing and will definitely set the streets of Detroit on fire.  If you would like to receive email updates when I publish the next story please sign up here or follow my Twitter account here.

In its entirety I decided to republish the original story since it is no longer available on my site with the previously mentioned corrections.

  • Please note Juan did receive a sentence reduction changing his release date from 2027 to 2025. I will address this in a future story.

 DaJuan Wren, better known as “Street Lord Juan”, who was part of the Detroit rap crew Street Lordz  is still fighting his case and has a current release date of July 20 2025.
The Honorable James L. Graham ruled in favor of the District Courts sentencing, affirming Wren’s Federal prison term of 216 month (18 years) is reasonable for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin and a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. This case is unique due to the fact Wren was never caught with any drugs in his possession, the judge definitely sent Wren a message by sentencing him to an unreasonable prison term.

According to appeal documents Wren was supplying East Side Chadda Boyz Michael Cathey, (snitch) aka “Moe Green“, and co defended David Wynn (snitch) with 100’s of grams of heroin. The case started to unravel when the DEA received tips that Cathey was involved in drug trafficking. The DEA identified Wren as the supplier and put them under surveillance. Intercepted calls between Wren and Cathey detail a transaction they were going to make as Wren’s Range Rover would approach Cathey’s car and Wren would roll down his back window. DEA Special Agent Bryan Sartori was running surveillance on the meeting and had authorities pull over Casey finding $18,000 in cash, while letting Wren drive away in the white Range Rover.

After recovering $18,000 from Cathey in the traffic stop the DEA was securing a warrant to search Wren’s home on 137 Allenhurst Avenue in Royal Oak, Michigan. The search warrant was executed while he was sleeping and the DEA recovered the following property from Wren’s home.

  • Money Counter
  • $53,004 In Cash
  • Drug Ledger
  • Loaded Glock Handgun With Extended Mag And Laser Sights
  • Assault Rifle In The Bedroom
  • 100 Round Drum Magazine
  • Two Types Of Ammunition In The Bedroom
  • 2007 Mercedes Benz Registered To Dirty Glove Entertainment LLC
  • Rubber Bands
  • Plastic Gloves

According to documents the investigation only recorded 2 instances of Wren and Cathey meeting. The first was when DEA Special Agent Bryan Sartori observed an encounter between Wren’s white Range Rover and Cathey’s car. Wren and Cathey’s cars pulled next to one another briefly before going their separate ways. Approximately 50 minutes after this meeting, a wiretap recorded Cathey telling an associate that he had a new source of heroin. The second was when they recovered $18,000 in cash in the traffic stop.

Another key piece of evidence in the case was the drug ledger found in the master bedroom of Wren’s home, ultimately connecting names with dollar amounts and quantities. One of the names on the list “Razor” or “Razor Blade” was identified as Wynn who testified he purchased 250 grams of heroin for $20,000 from Wren. Also identified from the ledgers was “Moe” identified as Cathey who purchased 200 grams of heroin for $15,000.

Cathey was the initial source of the investigation. From 2005-2008 the DEA was putting their case together but only able to confirm he was receiving marijuana from Chicago. Wren suffered a case of bad luck and got caught in the cross hairs and according to court documents its sounded like he was under phone surveillance for some time.

The case was a challenge to investigators as Cathey was difficult to track. His T-Mobile phone was registered to someone else, he moved residences, frequently switched vehicles, and kept his operation compartmentalized making it difficult to gather information.

The Government had 4 confidential sources and one cooperating defendant but were still unable to get a clear picture of Cathey’s operation. The intelligence gathered was mostly historical and informants couldn’t identify sources of supply, stash locations or distribution activity even though Cathey trusted an informant into his circle. The Feds thought about inserting an undercover agent but thought it was unlikely to produce any helpful evidence, giving them justification to use a Federal wiretap.

Another key point in the jury trial were the gun charges. Wren had been trying to distance himself from ownership of any firearms, which would then categorize himself as felon in possession. According to court records Wren’s girlfriend claimed the loaded 9mm Lugar that was found in the 2007 Mercedes-Benz was hers, but trial testimony confirmed Wren drove the Mercedes to Cathey’s Car Wash for detailing, and in the courts eyes this made him accountable for the weapon even though he never had it in his possession, making it impossible to distance himself from the felony firearms charge.

Wren’s also had loose ties to the Mexican Drug cartel by affiliation with co-defendant Antonio Simmons (snitch) who also got indicted in an unrelated case of the DEA’s take down of a 90-year-old drug mule running 100’s of Kilos for the cartel. Simmons was also instrumental in Wren’s case by making statements to DEA Special Agent Bryan Sartori concerning Wren’s purported drug trafficking activity.

Unfortunately we wont’ be getting any new music from Wren anytime soon. He is serving out the rest of his sentence in Lisbon, Ohio and wont be released until July 20 2025. The snitches in this case got considerably less time, except Simmons who also got caught up in another high-profile drug case. Michael Cathey is currently serving out the rest of his sentence in Milan, Michigan and won’t be released until October 16, 2019. Antonio Simmons won’t be released until December 20, 2026. David Martin Wynn was released on September 10, 2013. In the meantime you can continue to support wren by writing him at this address below or keep his memory alive by downloading a few classics from his catalog here.


P.O. BOX 10

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ThomasDishaw.com - Jan 18, 2017

Dajuan Wren, better known as ‘Street Lord Juan‘, was a Detroit icon. Sometimes he went by Stephon Greer, Dajuan Johnson, or lastly, Nerau Neri Aasekhemu Ali (I’ll get to that later), and these were just a handful of the aliases.